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La Trappe Takeover

We'll have 6 La Trappe beers on tap! La Trappe's unique ales are brewed with patience, passion and traditional craftsmanship according to secret recipes of the Trappist monks. Plus a Trappist Boiler Maker (a shot of green Chartreuse with any glass of La Trappe beer). And gouda tots. Don't forget about the gouda tots. 

- Dubbel (6.5% ABV) 
A dark, robin-red Trappist beer with a gentle, aromatic, and above all, refreshing character.

- Quad (10% ABV)
Malty sweet, slightly burnt, and pleasantly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. Quadrupel offers aromas of banana, almond, vanilla and others.Warm and intense flavor, rich and finely balanced.

- Triple (8.0% ABV)
Golden straw colored with notes of banana. Very ester-y. Traditional Tripel.

- Witte (5.5% ABV)
Brewed using only water, wheat, and hops. No herbs are added. Saphir hops give the ale its citrusy aroma. The world’s first and only Trappist white ale that continues to ferment slightly after bottling. A real thirst-quencher on a hot summer’s day that also makes for a delicious drink at any other time of the year.

- Puur (4.7% ABV)
A drinkable, fresh, hoppy, light Trappist ale. Only top-grade organic ingredients are used to brew this ale. The recipe for this ale is the result of a combination of the continuous pursuit of the highest quality and a passionate dedication to ale, coupled with unrelenting respect for people and planet.

- Ora et Labora (Pray and Work), collab with Brunswick Bierworks (7.5% ABV)
The collaboration weaves traditional krausen fermentation with a mighty maltbill and a unique blend of Opal, Loral, Mandarina Bavaria and Ontario Newport hops sourced from the Americas and Europe; bridging the two worlds of brewing.